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Dedicated family of God to reach the Destiny


kishan Lal Rajputh has faced first-hand the many problems in the disadvantaged communities and tribal areas, as he has lived in these areas. His vision to help and support the destitute children of these poverty-stricken areas has led him to establish The Amma Orphanage Children's Home. Rajputh is a well-respected leader, and represents DF in a high profile setting.
Assemblies and communities, and bringing forth urgently-needed change in these areas.

He speaks up for justice and serves these Little buds without any hinderance, with the devoted support from his wife M. Aruna, and others.

About Destiny Foundation


Destiny Foundation is a non-profit organization serving orphans, the destitute, and other vulnerable groups and their communities toward a wholesome future, filled with hope, dignity, justice, and peace.

In India, Their childhood is extremely miserable. These children are forced to work from a very early age, to earn a livelihood for their destitute families.

This ministry is operated under the "Amma Orphanage Children's Home." This children's home was established in 2008 under humble beginnings, with five orphans. Today, we serve thirty orphans, and are situated in.

Basic needs that support the children's care

    The Amma Children's home provides for the basic needs of its thirty children. The children are provided with nutritious food, clean clothing, shelter, and their their education.

Along with basic school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, and schoolbags, Destiny Foundation also provides school uniforms for their students in the Government teigu medium school, and for the many orphans who study in the private English medium school.

The Amma Children's health care needs are also diligently met, with special attention given to those children who are frail and sick. These orphans are raised with discipline and routine, in a very caring and loving environment. They are given tender guidance for their spiritual, physical, and moral growth. Thus, the "whole child" is given the humanity that he or she deserves, for today, and also for their tomorrow.

Join us in making our Vision and Mission a Reality!