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HEALTH: Looks good!

   The Amma Children's health care needs are also diligently met, with special attention given to those children who are frail and sick. These orphans are raised with discipline and routine, in a very caring and nurturing environment.


 ➨ To provide an opportunity for Children to live in congenial atmosphere with parental love.

 ➨ To provide food, shelter, education for orphan and destitute children.

 ➨ To bring up the children in good discipline to become good citizens.

 ➨ To make the children to learn basic skills to live on their own.

 ➨ To provide medical care to the children


   "That every child feels God-given dignity, and have the equal opportunity to grow up to their full potential through the shared and unified efforts of others, toward the common cause of child-centered development."


   To create a network of like-minded people and other supports, toward the holistic development for the orphans residing in the Amma Orphanage Children's Home.

To provide long-term educational support, including technical and vocational training for a life of self-sufficiency.


   Who are illiterate by conducting Adult Literacy Programs. This program will empower and prepare adults in these villages toward better employment and living conditions, for them and their families, through crucial literacy skills.